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Let me tell you why this statement is utterly disrespectful and downright arrogant.

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My most recent obsession is the entire soundtrack from the Netflix tv show, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.


⬇️ ʻŌlelo Noʻeau (Hawaiian Proverb) of the Week ⬇️

ʻAohe pilo uku.No reward is a trifle. Even a small gift is appreciated.

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1. Is Shaving Sexist? by Danielle Hestand

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📈 First, why are prices rising? 📈

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1. Kalo Dream Desk Mat {$17.45}

2. Monstera Cord Organizer {$14.00}

3. Hawaiian Lifeguard Association HLA5407 Stainless Steel Watch {$250.00}

4. Wana ’21 Canvas Pouch {$32.00}

5. Maile Lei Wireless Charger {$55.00}

6. Mai’a ‘Ele’ele Apple Watch Band {$55.00}

Hawaii | Music | Culture

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🎤 Do you like kpop? jpop? cpop? 🎤

Water by Crossing Rain.

Under TIRZAH Entertainment, Crossing Rain, or XR, consists of five members that all live in Hawaiʻi:

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Mackenzie Plunkett

A Young Native Hawaiian Woman Passionate About Indigenous Sovereignty & Life In Hawaiʻi Nei

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